Coordinate design department at one of the biggest retail chains in Bulgaria. More than 42 shops.

Funtopia & walltopia

Design, visual advertisement for one of the biggest adventure gyms, active entertainment centers and franchises in the world.

Publishing house Archimed.

Working with one of the oldest book publishing houses in the country.

Plazas & Resorts

Branding & advertisement for multiple award winning top Wellness resort | plaza in Bulgaria.

Unilever Uk

Unilever bought 400 brands in 190 countries. Worked with them on advertising a new line of ice cream.

Food branding & packaging.

Branding and food packaging for several companies.

Mega Extreme Bowling Centers

Biggest playing center in the capital. They organize the national tournament.


Branding & advertisement for several restaurants.

Fitness | sport.

Branding & advertisement. Check out this brand new sport center.

Saatchi & Saatchi


Projects with one of the biggest global communications & advertising agencies.

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